Sky Multichannel

Sky Multichannel

Sky has launched its multichannel package which was the very first predecessor of today’s current cable TV packages. This was a subscription based package which did not only provide channels to the viewers but it was also made available for other TV channel vendors and telecommunication companies. This happened in 1993. This was also the first package which included multiple Sky channels and deviated from the previous pay per view model. The Multichannel packages worked up until 2001. They included a specific number of Sky’s channels which were free to air and also a number of pay per view channels which users could get when paying an extra. The number of channels raised continuously until finally reaching the 22nd TV channel. This system worked with a video decoded then in 2001 the transition to Digital TV has started in the UK and Sky has decided well on time, to go ahead with this transitioning.

While Sky has decided to include all sorts of different channels in its Multichannel packages the lead role has always been the representing of its own TV channels. However the digital cable TV has changed the rules drastically and saw the number of TV channels dynamically raise up until reaching 300 channels per TV.

Sky Digital

Sky was among the very first TV and telecommunications companies who started to transition its channels and services well on time from the analogue package system to the digital system. The transitioning process started back in 1998 and ended in 2001. In addition to this huge change Sky has also created exclusive TV channels on its own to make every single one of its digital packages unique. Thanks to this system the number of subscribers have dramatically increased to 7.8 Million by 2005.

Satellite Service

Next to cable tv services Sky has also decided to stay true to its roots and keep its satellite services. By 2010 Sky was the first pay TV which has managed to reach 10 million subscribers.

Sky’s Sports Monopoly

Sky has been gaining the majority of its subscribers not only due to the impeccable quality and variation of its services but also because it still has tons of exclusive sport event deals which makes it totally unique and a sure favorite from among sport fans.

Sky Video and Movie Rental

Sky’s Video on Demand service is really a one of a kind service which was only used by Sky for a long time. This is the online video rental store possibility, which is still popular.

Keeping up with the competition

Sky has always been a company which solely concentrated on producing and managing TV channels but by the beginning of the 2001 the dynamically growing telecommunications market, the arrival of internet and TV combined services has made it realize that it’s losing market because of the telecommunication packages. Therefore Sky UK has released its first TV-Internet combined service from 2005 and recently it has also come up with mobile phone services in order to join the league of the already full-fledged telecommunication companies.